1975 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo

VIN # 9115200912



Dipped to bare metal, steel turbo flares front & rear, backdated front end to 1973 style, steel center-fill hood, custom fabricated steel RS style front bumper & rear bumper, sunroof delete. Custom fabricated rear quarter panel air intakes for the intercoolers, dual-layer, steel. The quarter panels have vertically mounted dual intercoolers, similar to the original RUF Yellowbird. The Yellow Bird NACA ducts did not function well, there was a vacuum on top of them. Therefore, the scoops on this car were modified to the new Yellow Bird style.  Torsion tube was modified to accommodate the shortened G50 transmission, equipped with race gears and limited-slip.  Reinforced rear suspension top mounts. Painted with all Glasurit products, color sanded & polished, “Slate Gray” color.  The underside and the trunk were painted with the same color but with the added flattening agent, thus the flat paint appearance.  Over 800 hours spent on the body metalwork, including the paint.  Vehicle trim black chrome-plated / black anodized. Custom made graphics by Magnagrafix.  Modified RS engine lid with a black anodized grille. Aluminum rear bumper guards, black anodized.  Custom fabricated & anodized HVAC system aluminum trim/cover in the front trunk.

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels


Turbo 930 suspension modified using Bilstein adjustable coil-over springs, RSR style adjustable front and rear sway bars, front strut bar, 935 style adjustable rear spring plates.  Porsche 930 / turbo front and rear brakes, front brake cooling system.

Custom wheels by Fifteen52, hard-anodized & painted.  Custom made brake booster system & brake plumbing.




3.4-liter custom-built twin-turbo engine, with extensive modifications. Over 500 hours spent on the engine. Custom crankshaft cross-drilled & hardened, Pauter race connecting rods, custom made pistons & cylinders, custom made twin spark plug cylinder heads with larger TRW valves, race valve springs & titanium valve retainers, custom ground cams, custom made Carrera based intake manifold & fuel induction system, AEM engine management system with extensive fail-safe systems, twin hybrid 993 turbos,  custom made air induction & air cleaner system, custom made intercoolers, vertically mounted in the quarter panels, custom made GT3 muffler & exhaust tips, B&B exhaust headers, GT3 oil pump, custom fabricated front oil cooler, 993 style oil filter housing, custom made billet alternator by Classic Retrofit for electric air conditioning, extensive custom plumbing for twin-turbo oiling system, billet valve covers with heat shielded lower valve covers, distributor delete.  Twin fuel pumps. Custom made powder-coated fuel tank with center fill neck & polished stainless cap & drain system.  Only the best components were used for this engine. 

Transmission & Clutch


Modified & shortened bellhousing G50 transmission with all new wear and tear components internally, limited-slip differential, Ruf lightweight high clamping force clutch, modified G50 shift linkage with a short shift & 917 style bamboo shift knob with shift pattern, modified 930 drive axles. Lightweight flywheel. Racing 3rd gear. Semi-solid engine & transmission mounts.  The drivetrain can not only be heard but it can be felt in the car due to the semi-solid mounting.


Electronics, HVAC

Custom billet alternator with very high output to allow for the electric air conditioning, located in the front ‘smuggler’s box’. Custom fabricated air ducts & outlets under the dash. Air conditioning built to be hidden. Porsche Classic GPS navigation & 4 speakers, in built-up enclosures. Engine management harness by Rasant. The engine management system is equipped with extensive engine fail-safe systems built-in, including knock sensors, RPM limits for cold & overheated engine, low oil pressure, high boost and much more.  Single switch AC operation. Headlights by 9Eleven. The custom-fabricated instrument panel, all instruments are 1967 style with green dials, including the boost gauge, built by North Hollywood Speedometer.



Completely custom fabricated leather interior, including modified Recaro RS seats with perforated leather seat upholstery, Alcantara covered seatbacks, Alcantara dash & door top panels, custom fabricated door trim & rear interior panels. The body is extensively sound insulated using Dynamat.  Color-matched seat belts. Square weave German wool carpeting with leather foot area & shift boot, cloth binding. Dash insert fabricated using perforated leather. Momo steering wheel.