Our custom cars are built on a vision – what Porsche might have built in 1973 if they had the same parts available as there are now. 

We build only a few cars annually, each car receiving undivided individual attention to every detail. 


We incorporate what we think are the best components into a hand fabricated all-steel backdated 911 shell in order create an exhilarating hair raising thrill, every time one fires up the engine.

We use only the best available components in our cars, engine and transmission internal components, engine management systems, suspension parts and brakes.  We fabricate our own exhaust systems and intercoolers.  Our European craftsmen delete the sunroof, TIG-weld turbo flares, hand fabricate steel turbo bumpers among other custom parts.  Nothing is rushed, we take our time to ensure each detail is just right before assembly. 


For us, our cars are a labor of love, not a job.  

We have 2 custom Porsche builds available now, both will be completed late Summer 2020